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Graduate Certificate in Egyptian Archaeology

Effective August 1, 2016, the University of Arizona will offer a formal Graduate Program in Egyptian Archaeology.

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To apply:

The conduct of archaeological research varies widely from one country to another. Not only do the ancient sites differ, but each country (or geographic discipline) also presents fieldworkers and other researchers with its own cultural settings, standard practices, and official regulations. Thus study of the practicalities of conducting archaeological research in Egypt and Sudan, and in Egyptological museum collections, merits its own concentrated study at the post-graduate level. For this reason, the University of Arizona is pleased to offer a graduate certificate in Egyptian archaeology.

The certificate is a stand-alone program, which can be pursued independently or in conjunction with other graduate degrees/programs. The training provided via this graduate certificate will aid participants in their careers by demonstrating their competence in the following, among other areas:

1) archaeological field methods as used in Egypt and/or Sudan;
2) interpretation of material culture in the conditions encountered in Egypt and/or Sudan;
3) the preparation of research proposals, permit requests, and required reports;
4) the preparation of grant proposals for the conduct of archaeological research, especially fieldwork.


The graduate certificate is intended as a supplement to master's and doctoral programs, providing a specific focus on the planning, implementation, and publication of archaeological research in Egypt, Sudan, or related museum collections.

As a stand-alone program of study participants are not required to be enrolled at the University of Arizona in a master's or doctoral program. Non-degree seeking students are eligible to apply and may pursue the certificate. Degree-seeking students at the University of Arizona may add the certificate to their extant program via application.

The typical participant in the certificate program will be either currently enrolled in graduate-level study in a related field (e.g., Egyptology, Near Eastern Studies, Art History, Ancient History) or have recently completed an advanced degree. Professionals in related fields are also encouraged to apply.

Admissions Requirements

The program is not intended as an introduction and will not accept novices.

Submit resume/CV, transcripts, contact information for two professional references, and a statement of purpose (one page; detailing your research interests and rationale for pursing this program).

Must meet general standards for admission to the University of Arizona Graduate College. GRE or similar is not required for admission to this program. See, or general admissions page:

Admissions Deadlines:

    Domestic Applicants:

  • Fall: August 1st

  • Spring/Summer: January 1st

    International Applicants:

  • Fall: August 1st

  • Spring/Summer: January 1st

Program Requirements:

To obtain the certificate, students must complete a 9-unit program of study at the graduate level that includes 6 units of Core Courses and at least 3 units selected from a list of approved Advanced Courses. Core Courses focus on establishing and demonstrating proficiency in archaeological methods as specifically relates to practice in Egypt/Sudan, while Advanced Courses focus on a variety of related subjects, methods or skills in Egyptian archaeology, Egyptology and the interconnected ancient world.

Minimum graduate-level credits required: 9
Core (mandatory) coursework:
GEOS/ANTH/MENA/ARH 597B or 597B-SA – Field School in Egyptian Archaeology (6 units - offered during the first Summer session, annually).


Advanced (optional) coursework:
Offered at varying times throughout the year; not every course below is offered annually. At least one such course will be offered annually in second Summer session.

Select from the following, most of which can be tailored on an individual basis for the graduate certificate:

CLAS/ANTH/MENA 500 – Topics of Egyptology (3 units)

ARH 501A – Art As Plunder: The Spoils of War, the Formation of Collections, & Trade in Stolen Art (3 units)

ARH/MENA 503 – Art and Architecture of the Islamic World (3 units)

ANTH/MSE 505A – Introduction to Archaeological Conservation (3 units)

ANTH/AAS/AFAS 526 – Archaeology of Africa (3 units)

ANTH 535 – Principles of Archaeological Fieldwork (3 units)

ANTH 546A – Mapping Ancient Cities (3 units)

CLAS 551B – Ancient Egypt: Archeology and Language (3 units)

CLAS/ANTH/ARH 565 – Greek Pottery (3 units)

MSE 568 – Heritage Conservation Science (3 units)

ANTH/CLAS/MENA/MSE 574 – Archaeometry: Scientific Methods in Art & Archaeology (3 units)

ANTH 595A – Special Topics in Archaeology (3 units)
    Specifically: Critical Issues in Mediterranean Archaeology

CLAS 596A – Topics in Greek or Roman Literature, History or Archaeology (3 units)

ANTH 596F – Ceramic Analysis (3 units)


Other Requirements
All courses must be letter graded and taken at the University of Arizona.
A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained. No grades of "C" will be allowed. No Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO) will be allowed in the Certificate program.